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"I could only qualify the design work Wayne did for me as brilliant and outstanding. I was speechless when I first saw the identity design in an email.

I couldn't believe how someone could really condense all of my work, influences and aspirations in a design so terse, succinct and beautiful.

I encourage others to trust him with any design challenge they have."


Rafa Andreu – Fashion Photography

"He's very dedicated, hard-working and conscientious, but I think the thing that stood our for me was how passionate he was about design. I know he takes a significant personal interest in design outside of a work context, which is something that really benefits his work. He brought a whole new set of visual references and experience to the team that proved really invaluable. He was heavily involved in one of our most successful rebranding projects, OneDeko, and during the entire project was highly motivated and engaged, something he continued to be throughout other projects.


Most importantly for me though, was that he could come up with lots of interesting solutions for projects that he was working on. He always wanted to try something new, and push a job to the limits of a brief, rather than being complacent."


Colm Roche – Imagist


"Wayne was a fully trained, experienced, creative and versatile designer as well as an accommodating professional according to the needs of the Clinic. He has a mature, friendly, approachable demeanor and worked well with

all the management."


Josep Graells

Cemcat, Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron


“Wayne is very professional and commercially minded; this made it very easy for us to work with him. A big client had a very clear vision of the assets they were looking for, and Wayne just gets it, he was able to produce something for a quick turnaround right to spec. He is also very approachable and flexible, which is a must in this industry since sometimes plans change, but he was able to adapt and demonstrated commitment to the project. Highly recommended.”


Ashley Lewis


"I have been working with Wayne for the past two years. I can say quite sincerely that in my 25 years in business I have not worked with a more talented, creative, competent and responsible graphic artist. I'm very fortunate to have found him."


Simon Mammon – SimonSips