An A3 poster design to encourage British businesses to advertise and gain access to the local Polish community.


I used the basic element of the Polish flag as a device to hold the poster's main message.

I wanted to create a direct yet playful visual language recalling the spirit of mid-20th century advertising. The word contact is spelled 'KONTAKT' as an allusion to the Polish Language. The winding flag tapers down to a speech bubble-like point drawing attention to the client's logo. This speech motif reinforces the basic idea of communication which the client wished to highlight. I combined the national Polish colours of red and white with

a deep blue to make a visual connection between Poland and the UK.


A subliminal segment of the Union Jack is also present in the diagonal thrust of the unfurling Polish flag. The purpose of this combination is to emphasize the social ties between both nationalities in the UK.

      © Wayne Kehoe 2014

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